My Linux campaign

Well, it started in 2007; I had my first computer then, it was a 40GB, 512MB Toshiba. It was very rugged and came with Windows 2000. I got an Ubuntu CD from one of my seniors and tried out the live CD. Unfortunately, after leaving the system running for about an hour, it still didn’t boot into Ubuntu, so I ejected the CD and put my Linux dreams on hold.

A year later, I got to install Ubuntu and Mandriva after taking a course in school; I found them quite interesting but Ubuntu didn’t come with the codecs needed to play MP3 files so I preferred Mandriva; but Ubuntu came with my wireless driver – something I had given up hope on.

Later that year, I got an OpenSolaris CD from Sun and tried it out; it worked fine but the CD got messed up and I never quite got to installing another OpenSolaris on my system. I later installed Ubuntu and Windows on my new system; however, I had to switch back to Windows during my internship because everyone in my office was using Windows and I was the odd one out.

When I got back to school after my internship, I made up my mind to leave Windows for good; I did make good my resolution too. I got a new hard drive, wiped it and installed Ubuntu 9.10;I downloaded all the codecs I needed and went to school with all my new operating system.

I later got Ubuntu Ultimate Edition – which came with a pretty good bunch of software goodies – I tweaked it and showed it off to my addicted-to-Windows colleagues. It looked better, worked better and gave me much more control over the computer. Linux just felt better; though there were some issues with program compatibility, I pretty much got well along.

I also had access to all my tools – LAMP, Netbeans, GIMP, and a plethora of others. Next point in my campaign was to tell my colleagues about the benefits of Linux; I did try and got up to about 10 people to install it. Anyways, the campaign is still on and I hope to get more Nigerians to Linux and open source.

If you are interested in Linux, Open source or so; kindly get in touch with me.

Open source rocks!!!

6 thoughts on “My Linux campaign

  1. mine started wit refhat linux5.0, den experienced to oracle enterprise linux4.0, in all linis==fun as abulapopoola acknowledged! nice1 brosis


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