The language series: JavaScript

I was pretty much amazed to see a JavaScript library for Arduino last year; it's common knowledge that the language powers uncountable web sites, mobile applications and even Windows 8 apps, but Arduino? Mind-blowing. The ever-growing need for powerful web experiences propels the adoption and development of this remarkable language.  JavaScript was influenced by C (syntax), Java … Continue reading The language series: JavaScript

The language series: PHP

I think PHP is disproportionately targeted for rants; it's the language everyone loves to hate. Despite the proliferation of posts that list the 1 trillion things PHP does wrongly, more than 70% of all websites run PHP on their servers. Even more interestingly, 'better' languages like Ruby are below PHP in the TIOBE index ( … Continue reading The language series: PHP

The Language Series : Java

Java! The language I once loved so passionately that I saw other languages as being inferior. Now, I rarely use it - the last time was while writing an Android app early last year. My Java Story I had been learning C++ and finding OOP quite difficult. When the new academic session began, I had to … Continue reading The Language Series : Java