Job Hunting 101 for Students

Yes, I am still continuing with my posts on Grad School, research and all-of-that. The big question for most of us towards the end of school is 'Whats next?', a lot of us want to get jobs immediately afterwards but realize too late that it's much more difficult than we thought. Here are a couple of … Continue reading Job Hunting 101 for Students

Thesis Stories Ep 3: Research is Hard!

Alhamdulilah I completed my thesis about three weeks ago; if you're interested, you can check out my thesis and presentation. Looking back at the two years I spent at MASDAR, I have a couple of thoughts: Alhamdulilah I learnt a lot, met a couple of wonderful people and matured significantly. There were a couple of not-so-pleasant experiences too but I believe … Continue reading Thesis Stories Ep 3: Research is Hard!

Exploring my Facebook Network

So I finally completed the Social Network Analysis course by Lada Adamic today and I learnt quite a few things Alhamdulilah. Some of the MOOCs are really good but there are so many options that I sometimes get overwhelmed. One of the cool things about the course is that students can get exports of their entire … Continue reading Exploring my Facebook Network