Actually, Linux might not suit your tastes…

Since this blog has been screaming Linux and all its good for days, I guess readers might have been tempted to try it out. So I decided to write about some of the challenges - yes challenges and not problems - I face using it. So why might Linux not be such a good choice? … Continue reading Actually, Linux might not suit your tastes…

Make cheaper calls…

The cutthroat competition between the major telecommunications operators in Nigeria keeps getting  hotter. This is good news for all of us - I mean consumers. Tariffs keep falling and the steady stream of exciting new offers highlight the intense rivalry between the telecomm giants. I personally have three SIM cards already - all in a bid … Continue reading Make cheaper calls…

Why do I prefer Linux to Windows?

I've been posting about the benefits of Linux for days on end now. I guess most people would like to know why I'm so particular about Linux. Well these are my reasons for choosing Linux over Windows: Its Free Yeah, free as in 'awuf'. Although some distros are not totally free, some are. This gives me … Continue reading Why do I prefer Linux to Windows?

My favourite web destinations

Most of us surf the internet and have websites that we frequent. Today I'll share my favourite websites with you. FacebookFacebook is probably the most addictive website I know, it has this uncanny ability of holding my attention and calling me back - I heard Mark Zuckerbarg said something along this line too. I bet … Continue reading My favourite web destinations

Increase your Productivity

Here are some reasons for low productivity and some tips for getting more done in lesser time. Doing too many things simultaneously Some people claim to be be masters of multi-tasking and seem to be able to do too many things at once. Truth is, they end up compromising their own productivity. Humans have only … Continue reading Increase your Productivity

Stumbled upon these websites…

Fontstruct This site is dedicated to creating new fonts; you can create new fonts and even use your own handwriting! Fonts are constructed out of geometrical shapes which are arranged in a grid-like pattern; similar to tiles and bricks. Once you are done building your unique fonts, the website takes over and generates high-quality TrueType … Continue reading Stumbled upon these websites…

Well, what do you want abdulapopoola to talk about?

Really  I just don't want to write anything today - had a long outing and came back tired - but I don't want to let today pass by without posting anything too. You, the followers of this blog, are marvelous; without your support, there'll be no reason to write. I'll love to hear your views; … Continue reading Well, what do you want abdulapopoola to talk about?

Interesting sites

Got some time to kill? Check these sites... A search engine dedicated entirely to presentations. Users can browse through hundreds of thousands of publicly available presentations. Slides are free; you can then download them and apply new ideas to your own. It is a great site for finding new layouts, animations and colour schemes. … Continue reading Interesting sites

Cloud Computing, the future of computing?

Cloud computing has been touted to be the future of computing. Trends suggest a move towards web-based software applications and services. The claim has been further strengthened by the emergence of companies offering cloud-based services to computer users. (e.g. Google Docs). The underlying principle of cloud computing is to have servers offering access to computing … Continue reading Cloud Computing, the future of computing?

My Top Ten Applications

There are some tools that help me to achieve some of my daily tasks. One thing links all of them though, they are all free software and can be downloaded online. (Windows/Linux) This is an office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. is a good alternative to the … Continue reading My Top Ten Applications