Become a better programmer

A lot of people say they want to become programmers and rave and talk about it without ever doing anything. So if you want to become a better programmer you can try these tips. Learn a lot Programming is a rapidly changing field with new innovations, discoveries and concepts coming up daily. Change is constant … Continue reading Become a better programmer

How it all started

My very first language was FORTRAN; I took a programming course in it in 2006 and was instantly hooked. I didn't have a computer however I worked in a computer centre so I could program whenever I was free. After getting my laptop, I delved into C; however I  was 'advised' to drop C as it wasn't … Continue reading How it all started

Functional Programming & ME

After finishing Rebecca Murphy's jqfundamentals and finding it to be quite an enjoyable and smooth read, I decided to learn JavaScript; I scanned my languages-to-learn list and quickly brought JavaScript to the front ahead of the others: Python/C/C++/C#/Ruby/Bash. One of the motivating factors was the fact that JavaScript supports functional programming; a paradigm I have … Continue reading Functional Programming & ME

Some of my favourite web destinations

Yeah, I blog 'weekly'; Ok ok; I try to blog weekly; now that's better huh? This week, I'll be writing about the blogs I follow quite often. Yah; I follow them often to get the gist and stuff like that. They might not be to your taste but do look through first before taking a … Continue reading Some of my favourite web destinations

My Android experience

It was in May and one of my old friends called me and after exchanging pleasantries, we somehow got talking about the Android Developer Challenge. Being typically my old lazy self, I waved it off and said I wasn't interested because I didn't KNOW how to program Android; however he persisted and got me to … Continue reading My Android experience