Kind Leadership: Influence over Authority

One of the most underrated parts of working at any job is interacting with people. It is amazing how much humans achieve via collaboration and also how fast relationships can degenerate. The following paragraphs cover real-life experiences and propose a model for kind influence - especially for senior team members. I am right and you … Continue reading Kind Leadership: Influence over Authority

What you should do before you start reforms

But why do we do this? What do you do when you run into code that apparently serves no purpose? Do you immediately expunge the code? Also, what do you do if you have to follow some organizational process that appears to make no sense? Do you just eliminate the process? Take a deep breathe and … Continue reading What you should do before you start reforms

Memories of Masdar: 2011 – 2013

I wrote a memories of Ife piece after completing my bachelors and it would be just as well to write another post about my time at Masdar. Masdar is a great school, has an international student community, extremely nice people, an awesome nearly unbeatable welfare package and a great beautiful environment. I arrived at MASDAR in … Continue reading Memories of Masdar: 2011 – 2013

My favourite web destinations

Most of us surf the internet and have websites that we frequent. Today I'll share my favourite websites with you. FacebookFacebook is probably the most addictive website I know, it has this uncanny ability of holding my attention and calling me back - I heard Mark Zuckerbarg said something along this line too. I bet … Continue reading My favourite web destinations