Learning ES2015 : Getting Started

ES6 (also ES2015) is the rave of the moment. Finally JavaScript is getting a makeover after nearly 6 years. The enhancements allow for more powerful and expressive JavaScript, ease the building of complex applications and iron out some quirky behaviour. The var hoisting problem? let resolves that. IIFEs? The function context syntax eliminates the need for that. There's … Continue reading Learning ES2015 : Getting Started

Chrome dev tools deep dive : Network

1. Throttling A web application might work beautifully on fast networks but stutter and even throw up bugs on slow connections. Fiddler used to be the go-to tool for simulating delays and adding latency during testing; the good news now is that Chrome provides throttling too. There are preset profiles available (e.g. GPRS, 3G, etc.) but … Continue reading Chrome dev tools deep dive : Network