Why I like vim

I had to learn python about two weeks back and I felt I ought to do things differently this time; I resolved to learn using an editor and not go through the IDE route. So I fired up gedit and was enjoying it until I wrote a program that ran an endless loop and had to kill the gedit process. After that, my gedit was never the same and all my attempts at fixing it failed. Frustrated at this, I had to choose between kwrite and vim... my choice made me write today.

My Top Ten Applications

There are some tools that help me to achieve some of my daily tasks. One thing links all of them though, they are all free software and can be downloaded online. OpenOffice.org (Windows/Linux) This is an office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. OpenOffice.org is a good alternative to the … Continue reading My Top Ten Applications