Stumbled upon these websites…

  1. Fontstruct

    This site is dedicated to creating new fonts; you can create new fonts and even use your own handwriting!

    Fonts are constructed out of geometrical shapes which are arranged in a grid-like pattern; similar to tiles and bricks. Once you are done building your unique fonts, the website takes over and generates high-quality TrueType fonts (.ttf) that you can install on Mac and Windows.

    Wow your friends with your own cool fonts. Check

    You can keep your creations or share them but users are encouraged their “FontStructions. You can also view, download or modify fonts in the website’s Gallery.

  2. Wordle

    Heard about word clouds? Well, Wordle is a site that enables you to create word clouds from text that you provide. Words that appear more frequently in the submitted text appear larger and are given more attention. You can tweak and modify the font, layout and colour schemes. Like in fonstruct above, the images you create are yours to use however you like. You can print or share by saving to the wordle gallery. employs a Java applet to achieve its cloud generation. One snag about it is that it does not allow you to save the word clouds to your system. To save to your system, just take a snapshot… simple. ;)


    Do you have any cool site you’d like to share?

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