Ipad… Cool

The ipad is simply marvelous; a crisp display, fast processing speed and great battery life. But without internet access it’s not all that much fun. I like its uniqueness and the way Apple has captured the market.

I tried the iTunes store and found it to contain lots of innovative and wonderful apps – there are plenty freebies too. But it took long to load, guess this must be due to the Nigerian bandwidth issue.

Well I think the future is all about stuff like this – we’ll have the huge bandwidths and be able to transfer more content over the network. There is already speculation that mobile apps will be killed off by competition from web delivered content, I think this is not going to happen. Just as laptops and desktops are not going to die off, I don’t think mobile apps will die off too. After all only mobile apps can make use of some of the unique features of phones like accelerometers and stuff like that.

Samsung recently came up with a competitor – the Galaxy tab. Samsung’s product is cheaper and runs Android but we can’t say yet.

Have a great weekend.

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