Some of my favourite web destinations

Yeah, I blog ‘weekly’; Ok ok; I try to blog weekly; now that’s better huh? This week, I’ll be writing about the blogs I follow quite often. Yah; I follow them often to get the gist and stuff like that. They might not be to your taste but do look through first before taking a stand.


TechCrunch is a technology review site and always has the latest gist about technology events happening around; I first got wind of Google+ there. And they have some great columnists too; I find myself enjoying Sarah Lucy’s posts even though I don’t quite agree with her view of the Nigerian technology space. Well, all in all, TechCrunch is a great place for information on current trends.


Joel is an Israeli who worked at Microsoft at some time in his life and now owns his company. He writes about software development, management, business development and the internet. I enjoy reading his blog a lot because I get to pick up so much information and learn more from one of the icons of software development. Are you a developer too? Check it out.


I have been following nettuts since 2009 when I somewhat stumbled on the site; ever since; I’ve learnt so much following the series of posts they make. I credit them with learning about codeigniter, apache modules, design tips and software architecture. Even though I don’t follow most of the tutorials, it keeps me updated and they have lots of sister sites too that provide excellent tutorials.


This is the blog of Neil Patel, a 23-year-old Indian entrepreneur. I like Neil’s style of writing and primarily follow the blog to improve my business acumen and get tips and related stuff.


I like Chimezie’s wit and style although his language is sometimes foul. I find myself laughing at the vivid portrayal of life, growing up as mischievous Nigerian kid. I find myself looking forward to his weekly posts.

What are your favourite web destinations?

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