How it all started

My very first language was FORTRAN; I took a programming course in it in 2006 and was instantly hooked. I didn’t have a computer however I worked in a computer centre so I could program whenever I was free.

After getting my laptop, I delved into C; however I  was ‘advised’ to drop C as it wasn’t so popular anymore. So I switched to C++ and it was fun till I got into the murky waters. I remember being puzzled when I started OOP in C++ (similar thing happened when I started learning functional programming); coming from a procedural background, I just couldn’t seem to understand the concept of an object; was it a new data type? Was it something else? Why could I call methods on data? Objects or not, I continued with C++.

A year later, I was learning Java even though I was not quite finished with C++, why? I was taking a course which was being taught in Java. I switched again without having mastered C or C++ and resolved never to leave Java until I mastered it, no matter what anybody said, did or suggested. I stuck with Java; learning stuff, writing programs and just trying out ideas.  I remember trying to implement a Sudoku game in Java – some intensive brainstorming huh? :D.

I discovered PHP/MySQL during my internship; it was the language of choice at my firm and I had to learn it. My boss never took no for an answer and I had to provide solutions whether it seemed possible or not. Initially I thought his demands were harsh however I realised that my attitude was the cause – I gave up too easily; Alhamdulilah, with this realisation, I became a better person. I learnt PHP, wrote some cool algorithms and built a couple of software systems there. I also stumbled upon some neat PHP tricks, JavaScript and  got a lot of hours under my programming belt. After my internship I took up a project in Drupal and started another from the scratch: Gbanjo. Well, Gbanjo is a story for another day.

In my last year at school; I wanted to learn Python and actually started but I decided to focus more on my studies and since I was holding a number of administrative positions; I didn’t want my grades to fall.

Now; I’m outta school presently and I’m programming. This year I have learnt more about PHP, Java, JavaScript and Android. The road has been long but I thank God for helping me and want to learn more. I still have to learn C/C++/C#/python and maybe Ruby, Scala or Scheme. For the present; I’m learning JavaScript and I have to finish this before starting with another language. One of my past mistakes was trying to learn too many things at the same time and not just focusing on one thing and learning it well.

Here are a few facts I’ve learnt from my journey; I’m still learning anyway :)

  • Do what you are passionate about
  • Give it all your best; your very best, don’t ever give up!
  • Don’t listen to what people say; God determines success not people
  • Learn to focus; Rome wasn’t built in a day; you can’t learn everything at once
  • Work hard – of course, there’s no gain without pain.
  • Pray harder – I believe in God and He answers prayers

What’s your own story?

10 thoughts on “How it all started

  1. Quite impressed with your passion for programming. I can see that you smile at mistakes and laugh at mountains seeing that they are just stepping-stones to higher ground. Of course, our watchword as growing engineers should be “I’ll never rest until my good is better and my better best.” More strenght in the right path…


  2. who hasnt been in your shoes… ”the jumping of ships” is what I call it, This time last year , I was learning iOs programming for apple, I dint finish cos I was told more Nigerians use Blackberry than apple so thats where I can have a good market so I started reading on tha.. now I dont even know what I m doin :) but always trying helps. I think I know where my heart lies and soon… Just make sure U remember this always ” A little sleep, a little slumber… :) )


  3. Nice one,mine was that, i had the interest since secondary school after watching movies and intrigued by how one could code and watch his software destroy the whole(evil laughter), apparently i neither studied science or a computer course during my school years but i could say i spent 80% of my school life reading programming books than my studies,i started with QBasic before i entered the university i guess it’s application was limited till i later jumped to C/C++ (which almost made me re-think the programming love),you see my head was wired in procedural coding rather than OOP(infact the name gave me bad dreams),then later at my university years i later picked up C++ again by than Borland was no longer the “in-thing” Microsoft had dominated it,i just kept reading and reading,till i jumped to html,php,mysql, JavaScript i had no practical experience only theoretical as i didn’t have the chance to code then, after i graduated i got to work,started with the basic principles “algorithm,OOP” i was hooked then C++ still gave me the fright but at this time C# was out,so i had left the Desktop application to Web Development as it required a lesser learning curve,i started with PHP,later HTML/CSS, by which i applied for a job as a PHP Developer it was my first job as a programmer so every challenge ultimately frightened me, i also enrolled for a course at APTECH(which surprisingly i was being taught deprecated/old fashion ways) but what did i care,i was the type who was into “self-learning” just wanted a certificate to show Computer Science because no taking it as a course was my biggest regret. by then i had no JavaScript experience and my websites were plain ol’ boring and the typical “Nigerian Websites” till i stumbled upon Nettuts from there i decided to learn JavaScript which i’ll say is the one of the hardest to learn because you see OOP was the way i easily understood languages like Java,C# so a duck typing type of language threw me off-balance especially with the infamous “this” in JavaScript,after using years to grasp JS,jquery ultimately was my first pick by then i found it rather not appealing as it focused mainly on DOM Manipulation and the chaining was something i never got comfortable reading till i stumbled on Dojo,it was later i moved back to Desktop this time C# and the .NET Framework ,to cut the long story for a developer it’s a learning curve everyday today its a new framework or a technology but i realized you can’t learn them all.just focus on one you know you’re exceptionally good at and develop interest at the others,which is why i sat with (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP-Zend) because at the end of the day it’d be a shame if u know multiple languages and you can’t work with any exceptionally.

    (I’m typing this while pretending to be working,so please forgive the Gbagauns if any.thanx :)


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