7 Cool tricks with Chrome DevTools

1. $_

$_ re-evaluates the last expression and is similar to the ‘_’ command in python’s REPL. However _ prints the last ‘non-None’ value while $_ prints the value of the last evaluated expression even if it is undefined.


2. $() and $$() selectors

$() selects the first matching DOM element while $$() selects all matching DOM elements. Quite useful if jQuery is missing.

$$ selectors

Tip: $() and $$() are aliases for document.querySelector() and document.querySelectorAll() respectively; if any of them gets overridden, simply re-assign the function references. You can even create your own shortcuts!

$ = document.querySelector;
slct = document.querySelector;

3. Console.table

Very good for generating a nice view of an object in the console. Saves you from having to click about. It works with non-uniform object types too.


4. DOM Element event listeners

There are two ways to do this:

1. Select an element in the elements view and then go to the event listeners tab in the elements view.

2. Select the element in the console and call getEventListeners on the object


5. $0 – $4

This  refer to the first through fifth last selected items. These shortcuts are handy references to pre-selected DOM elements.


6. Drag Drop in Elements View

It is possible to re-order the DOM layout structure using drag drop gestures in the elements view. No need to get your hands dirty anymore – just drag/drop.

7. copy

Useful for directly copying JavaScript objects to the clipboard. Call copy on the object (as shown below) and paste wherever you want it.


And that’s it! Hope you learnt one or two new tricks to enhance your development.

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