My favourite web destinations

Most of us surf the internet and have websites that we frequent. Today I’ll share my favourite websites with you.

  1. FacebookFacebook is probably the most addictive website I know, it has this uncanny ability of holding my attention and calling me back – I heard Mark Zuckerbarg said something along this line too. I bet most of us can’t do without checking our FB status daily. The immense popularity of facebook has led to the new verb ‘facebooking’. Businesses, startups and news can be found on facebook; it keeps me up-to-date and makes it easy for me to keep tabs on friends. The presence of mobile access has also contributed to this addiction.

    Most of us have lost precious hours on the website – I’ve been a major victim too. Nowadays, I quickly skim through new posts, reply or comment on the ones that catch my fancy and quickly close the ‘offending’ tab.

    How do you do with facebook?

  2. Yahoo!Well, I’ve got to check my mail, haven’t I? The major thing I check on Yahoo! is my mail though I sometimes get to check news and yahoo updates too. Lets just say its only my mail I check, ok?
  3. abdulapopoolaThis is my blog! And I have to watch it, nurture and care for it. I want to see it grow and touch lives. I log in daily, moderate, reply to comments and write new posts. Well, at times, it gets tiring and I don’t feel like writing anything. Anyways, I check my blog daily.
  4. Islam Q and AI’m a Muslim and that means I sometimes have questions or need to clarify issues about my faith. Well, to get answers, I usually consult islamqa; its repository of questions is massive and I find answers to nearly any question/situation that comes up. Think of it like a google of islamic questions and answers.

    Sometimes I just check for new content and read them.

  5. TwitterTweet, tweet, tweet…

    I was once tweeting more than I was facebooking, but things are back to normal now – I facebook more than I tweet ;). I think Twitter has not caught up in Africa like it has in Europe and America because of poor internet support and the lack of mobile access. I’ve tried several times to set up mobile access to my twitter account and failed.

    Well, twitter is great but for me, Facebook is more interesting. :D

  6. Ubuntu ForumsUbuntu is my favourite Linux distro; (well, for now). I like their policy of distributing free CDs. I try to help at the forum daily, answering questions and improving my knowledge of Linux. I usually hang around the community cafe section just for the fun of it.

    And I want my number of posts to rise too. :)

  7. BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation. News. What else?
  8. GoogleIf you’ve never used google, then I think you are in the stone age.  I like features such as news, videos, google scholar, google code too.
  9. Youtube

    When I’m bored and I’m online, I watch videos. I like cartoons, animations and technology videos. So I watch youtube.

    Well, these are some of my favorite websites, what are yours?

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