What values do great leaders encourage?

I have had several managers across several teams and projects. This has exposed me to various management styles and taught me what to emulate and what to avoid. There are no silver bullets when it comes to leadership however these are a few things I appreciate. 1. Openness Openness builds trust: a fundamental ingredient for … Continue reading What values do great leaders encourage?

Leading teams: Stop giving answers

Stop giving people answers all the time! I love helping engineers and resolving tricky issues. This exposure to a wide slew of problems was awesome until I became responsible for large parts of the codebase. Then, I realized that my 'answers-always' approach made me a bottleneck, got me randomized and did not nurture new leaders. The … Continue reading Leading teams: Stop giving answers

Five challenges of engineering teams

1. Clarity What does success mean? For Leads and Managers Are you working on the right problems? Would your VP/Director/CEO be interested in your work? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then why are you doing all that work? If yes, great job! More questions!! What are the secondary and tertiary … Continue reading Five challenges of engineering teams

Kind Leadership: Influence over Authority

One of the most underrated parts of working at any job is interacting with people. It is amazing how much humans achieve via collaboration and also how fast relationships can degenerate. The following paragraphs cover real-life experiences and propose a model for kind influence - especially for senior team members. I am right and you … Continue reading Kind Leadership: Influence over Authority