Increase your Productivity

Here are some reasons for low productivity and some tips for getting more done in lesser time.

Doing too many things simultaneously

Some people claim to be be masters of multi-tasking and seem to be able to do too many things at once. Truth is, they end up compromising their own productivity. Humans have only one brain and can only share it out between so many tasks. There is no way anyone can focus on a major task while facebooking, using twitter, calling or chatting. It just isn’t possible.

Way out: Cut off all social networking (yes… I know it is very difficult), focus on the task at hand and finish it before digressing. I’ve found out that I achieve more during shorter periods of high concentration and focus than I do during longer periods of low concentration.

Not getting enough sleep

I’ve never been a night person; I rarely produce high quality work when I’m on the verge of sleep. Probably, nobody does too. For fresh ideas and great inspiration, you need to be in the right mood and state of mind. Adequate sleep will most likely help you here.

Losing sleep will make you irritable, prone to mistakes and miserable.

Way out: Get enough sleep!

Fear of failure

Nearly all of us underestimate our own potentials and capabilities, and never care to move out of our own comfort zones. We don’t want to take risks, are scared of mistakes and keep belittling ourselves. I found out that most people can really do more than they think they can. All we need is to believe it and work harder. Hard work doesn’t kill, it makes you better and you end up feeling accomplished and satisfied. So get up, throw away all your fears and start on that task now.

Way out: Cut out all negative feelings and believe in yourself.

Working under pressure

Yes, we all face this at some time or the other. Clients never seem to be satisfied with your efforts, you get unrealistic deadlines and seem to be working round the clock week in week out.

One way out is to work on your attitude, know what you can take and what you cannot do. Set realistic targets and work towards them. Most importantly, try not to disappoint your clients but don’t end up killing yourself too!

Way out: Strike a balance.

Do you have tips you want to share? Kindly post it.

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