Make I confess…The dogs chased me…

It’s been ages since I posted last! Thanks to a pretty tight schedule. Well, we’re back and revamped.

I remember a particular experience I had growing up; I’d been sent to buy something. The vendor’s house was a notorious no-go area; it had three fearsome ferocious mean bad dogs. I was already pretty scared and started looking for ways to execute my tough duty.

I walked meekly to the gate while keeping my eyes on the three dogs that were lying around some metres away; I got to the gate safely and knocked. When I got no response – I picked up a stone to knock harder on the gate. That singular event set off a series of events which culminated in an encounter I’ll never forget.

The dogs started scowling and gnarling and the first one stood up and started moving towards me. Me? I was already petrified and I committed the second tactical blunder of that day. I turned back and ran as fast as my 6 or was it 7 year old legs could carry me.

That was it! The two other dogs joined the pursuit and gave hot chase. I ran as fast as I could; screaming ‘Egbami! Yeh! Yeh!! Yeh!!! at the top of my voice; I could feel the breath of the lead dog on my calf and that sent me into survival mode; I ran as fast as I could – my life depended on it. I screamed and muttered all sorts and was pretty much out of my mind. Luckily for me some good samaritans chased the dogs away and helped me.

There is another part to this story which I’m loathe to talk about; let’s just say I was helped and I went home after getting a good scare. And that it ended there! ;)

Ever since then I’ve hated, loathed and despised dogs though I don’t take it out on them. Am I to blame?

Enjoy your weekend.


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