This Lagos life sha…

This one no be belly button again oh, na door knob!

door knob
Door knob

That was the funniest tweet I saw this week. I wonder what was going on the author’s mind. There is no end to amazing stuff from Lagosians. Lagos is a crazy,tough albeit exciting place to live in and I’m slowly adjusting to it. The annoying traffic hold-ups, the irritable people and the bustling environment make it a unique place.

I live in Ajah and the traffic hold-ups on my route are likely to come tops in any traffic competition. The mother-of-all-traffic-hold-ups is on the last stretch: commuters have to spend over an hour on a 10-minute stretch of road. Pedestrians move faster than vehicles on this stretch; but how many people can walk for an hour? It’s also very difficult to get a bike or board a bus on this stretch; so if you ever alight or your bus breaks down, you are ON YOUR OWN.

After getting home late, hungry and tired several times, I resolved to leave work as early as possible the next day. I left at exactly 5:00pm that day in a bid to get home early. Well, it was all going smoothly until the vehicle had a flat tyre and we had to wait for some minutes for the tyres to be changed. I was already having misgivings about the bus driver and his conductor.

Soon enough we got to the mother-of-all-traffic-hold-ups phase. And, the driver who had listened to annoying music all along, decided to turn into a traffic stunt artist. He ultimately succeeded in getting the bus wedged between a truck and another car that had just hit a bus from behind! ‘Lo ba tan!’ My hopes of getting home early immediately evaporated and I started thinking considering my two options. Walking? Home was still too far… Waiting?

To cut a long story short, I ended up getting home late again! I was hungrier too!! This Lagos life..

What’s your own Lagos experience? Do you have the father-of-all-traffic-hold-ups on your route? :D

2 thoughts on “This Lagos life sha…

  1. i suggest u go 2 work with ur dinner. When u are ready to go home, just warm it in the microwave. oops!
    ~say no 2 hunger in hold-ups~


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