I’m beginning to hate PHP?

While working on a new web application, I felt somewhat bored because I was going through my same old cycle all over again – there was nothing challenging or exciting to me.

My first thoughts was that I was getting used to PHP but deeper thoughts proved me wrong. It boiled down to two options : I either already knew the language too well or was not learning new features of the language. I’m no Rasmus Lerdorf, so it’s most likely the second option – :)

A brief review of my development skills made me cringe… I hate to admit this but it’s true. I don’t write tests, I don’t use a debugger, I don’t use version control… the list goes on and on. My strategy is to try out and implement new concepts and/or features in every new project.

I finally got xdebug installed in Netbeans and was amazed by the power and ease it brought to my development tasks. Next are PHPUnit and Subversion; I’ll be using all these and more in my upcoming project – now, that sounds like fun.

I’ve discovered interesting features of PHP too; OOP PHP anyone? Design patterns? SQLite? PEAR? I’ve still got much to learn. Whoopee! I’m beginning to love PHP… no… I’m just enjoying software development.


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