Maximizing Value: Learning to do less

I have always been concerned with maximizing efficiency for a long time; before, it meant learning everything I could in the shortest time possible. To me then, 'done' meant completing a book or series of videos and this blinded me from verifying acquired knowledge. So I mostly went from one book to another without challenging … Continue reading Maximizing Value: Learning to do less

Are developers better than testers?

A lot of people view testers as second-class citizens; probably because QA guys rarely 'create' stuff like devs do (although they sometimes do original work creating test frameworks and platforms). They are more similar to editors who verify the work of authors. However, testers are just as important as developers; without QA the end product … Continue reading Are developers better than testers?

Book Review: Coders At Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

I recently completed reading Coders at work (well, I must have spent approximately 8 weeks trying to complete it; not a record I am proud of but still it's better than nothing!) I think the book is a good read even though some of the interviews dragged on for too long. Peter Siebel, the author, … Continue reading Book Review: Coders At Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

Increase your Productivity

Here are some reasons for low productivity and some tips for getting more done in lesser time. Doing too many things simultaneously Some people claim to be be masters of multi-tasking and seem to be able to do too many things at once. Truth is, they end up compromising their own productivity. Humans have only … Continue reading Increase your Productivity