Essential Pillars for running a service at scale

Software services need a solid foundation that guarantees near 100% uptime. The work needed to establish such a base is termed devops, infrastructure or platform. About 18 months ago, my team got a new charter: launching a brand new service. I was involved in the setup of new platform resources as part of that effort. … Continue reading Essential Pillars for running a service at scale

Chrome dev tools deep dive : Console

The console is one of favorite places. The REPL environment is a quick way to validate JavaScript expressions. However, there is a lot more it can do. Read on. 1. $0 - $4 selectors The last inspected element is always available in the console as $0. $1 points to the next most-recently element and so … Continue reading Chrome dev tools deep dive : Console

Chrome dev tools deep dive : Elements

1. Search CTRL + F allows you to search for strings in the DOM but you can also search using CSS selectors and XPath expressions. 2. Color picker Ever wanted to figure out what colours exist on a web page? Or prefer some other colour format? Here comes the color picker: Shift click on the color … Continue reading Chrome dev tools deep dive : Elements

What is Semantic Versioning (SemVer)?

Software Versioning Software versioning has always been a problem for software developers, release managers and consumers since time immemorial. For developers, the challenge lies in releasing new breaking changes while simultaneously minimizing consumer upgrade pains. On the flip side; consumers, when they finally decide to upgrade to new-shiny-release-10000, want to be sure they are not buying a one-way-ticket … Continue reading What is Semantic Versioning (SemVer)?