Taking on scary challenges

You have two choices when new challenges emerge: Offer several reasons why things wouldn't workSeek growth opportunities from the challenge Let's talk about the latter option. Scenario Your team dances through complex rituals every month before it can successfully deploy a big batch of changes. Engineers dread the drain on developer productivity and attendant customer … Continue reading Taking on scary challenges

Understanding JavaScript Array methods (2): slice

An idiomatic way to create shallow copies of arrays uses slice. This post dives into the slice method and describes a few more tips and tricks. At the end of this post you should know the output of [1,2,3].slice(-3,-1). Slice The full method signature is arr.slice(start, end). Start and end are optional parameters defaulting to 0 and arr.length respectively. … Continue reading Understanding JavaScript Array methods (2): slice

Windows Operating System Metrics: CPU

This is a screenshot I took of my CPU metrics on my computer. This post provides a deep dive into the information contained in the Task Manager panel. The Graph The graph shows a sliding window plot of CPU utilization against time. Utilization: shows how much 'work' is being done by the processor. This includes … Continue reading Windows Operating System Metrics: CPU