Why do I prefer Linux to Windows?

I’ve been posting about the benefits of Linux for days on end now. I guess most people would like to know why I’m so particular about Linux. Well these are my reasons for choosing Linux over Windows:

  • Its Free

Yeah, free as in ‘awuf’. Although some distros are not totally free, some are. This gives me the chance to try out a stable operating system that is virus-free (though about a few Linux viruses do exist), fast and nice.

Linux gives you the opportunity to try out great interesting software at no cost! From blender to audacity to OpenOffice.org. Exploring the seemingly endless arrays of free software will take hours.

The level of control Linux offers users is absolutely mindblowing. You can change your display managers – KDE, GNOME, Xfce etc, tweak almost anything to your satisfaction and even customize the kernel. Wow! Thats great. Well, if you break your system, na you sabi oh. (personally, I’m going to continue tweaking mine until it breaks and then I’ll fix it)

  • Eye candy

This is just unbeatable. You sure can’t beat Linux in this. Take compiz fusion effects – they never cease to wow Windows users. Windows looks good but Linux looks better and beats anything Windows can throw at it. And because you can even change almost everything to your own taste, its all the more fun.

  • It works

It works, it doesn’t break down incessantly. There are no virus threats. It boots faster and works harder and longer without hassles.

Don’t you think you should get a Linux CD?

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